7 Sep

Having returned from my holiday last weekend to a spot of glorious British sunshine and spending most of Saturday sunbathing in the garden (to make up from the tan I didn’t have time to get in Vegas), I got a rather rude awakening to the shift of the seasons upon leaving work yesterday to a deluge of ARMAGEDDON proportions. I reaslised: it’s time to buy my pair of boots for the year.

So off to the Selfridges shoe galleries I headed, with the sole intention of not buying anything even remotely resembling cowboy boots, being as I have 3 pairs already.

My instant conclusion: chelsea boots are IN. Everyone’s sellin’ em. The alternative seems to be, flat lace-ups with very chunky plastic-y- looking soles. Something not dissimilar to the sort of boots my dad wears to walk the dog, eg:

^Chanel, Topshop. My head says ‘practical’, my heart says ‘ugly’.

So to the chelsea boots I turned. However, as a fundamental non-wearer of trousers I wasn’t sure if a chelsea boot+tights+skirt combo would work.

The verdict? Chelsea boots and my cankles don’t mix. Plus, they make me feel like I’m Russel Brand.

Got my eyes on these bad boys from Office:

Not sure if they’re practical for my working day spent up a ladder though. So: the boot of the season search continues…


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