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don’t hold back

5 Jul

at the weekend I went to see the Chemical Brothers at Hyde Park. despite being about 10 years younger than the average fan you find at their shows, i love the Chems, and when selecting our spot to rave the night away we sussed out ‘true fans’based outfit.  a few give-away signs to look for:

  • any piece of weather-proof gear, probably of Trespass/Regatta branding
  • hiking shoes
  • combat shorts.. or even better, parachute pants!
  • fishing hat
  • anything khaki

i often wish that for one night i could hop in a time machine and go back to the mid-’90s for an illegal rave in a field somewhere in Essex, when all of the above were acceptable attire for a night out, and it was okay for women to not shave their underarms! just one night. i’m not talking about the nu-rave, klaxons-type stuff. i’m talking about this kind of thing:

For now, here’s some of their Glastonbury set from a couple of weeks ago on BBC iPlayer