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A Thoroughly British Summer

17 Jun

The Jubilee may be over (sob!) but the Great British High Street shows no signs of abaiting the patriotic feel. There’s untold mileage in a string of bunting!

Here’s a few things of my favourite things I’ve snapped recently.


I don’t know much about this department store in Windsor (is it a chain?) but their Regal display was fit for a Queen!

BELOW: an independant shop in South Kensington, exclusively selling Royal-themed tat in would seem. I imagine they’ve been doing a good trade recently. 


Nailing not only the bunting trend by the white-on-white trend too. So elegant, nice lighting too.


The Liberty pop-up at Stratford’s Westfield is small but delightful. An excellent place to buy gifts for sophisticated people.


Thier current scheme is basically a rip-off of Meadham Kirchhoff’s S/S12 but delightful nonetheless.

…And here’s the best of the rest. I had a backlog of images on my camera of pre-Jubilee windows, so here they are too.


Their scheme from last month with plenty of tie-dye and pink wigs. Have a feeling someone might have been listening to Hole when they came up with this.



Lace and neon: nailed. Bershka is a serious one to watch for Visuals.



Smurf alert.


The Darling Buds of May

31 May

Even if you don’t fancy raising your glass to Queen of England on Tuesday, then you’ll surely be celebrating your 4 day weekend. With that in mind, the stores have got the bunting out in full force. Here’s a selection of windows that have grabbed my eye over the past couple of weeks.

 Jack Wills, ‘Fabulously British’

Rustic wooden floorboards teamed with elaborate foliage propping give these windows a classic stately home feel.


A bizarrely similar scheme to Jack Wills’, but with fresh, bold pops of colour and a boutique feel.

Ted Baker

A moving arcade game filled with classic ‘British’ items makes this Jubilee themed scheme stand out from the rest.


I don’t know what this store sells, but I loved their use of cardboard propping. So simple, but classy.

Dorothy Perkins

Simply had to include this bulldog imagery as it made me smile.


A scheme with its eye on trend and product rather than all-out kitsch, this window is more girlie tea party than Jubilee but resembles exactly how I intend to spend my weekend: surrounded by bunting and cake!

Enjoy the Jubilee!