Shop til the hurricane hits

4 Sep

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, because I’ve been in the U.S.A! So here are some of the visual highlights of my first NYC experience.

Windows at Bergdorf Goodman promoting a range of plates: who could have thought that would look as fantastic as it does?!

Windows at Bergdorf’s in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar to celebrate their new book. Sorry about the glare on the photos, I really like these windows.

These great zipper windows were, I THINK, at Henry Bendals, though I could be wrong. I spent most of my time walking around with a camera in each hand (one digital, one film) like a true tourist so I can’t remember where everything I snapped was!

I had to post these photos I took at H&M. Although the product and fixtures are no different from stores on this side of the Atlantic, the statement display of mannequins leading into the stores were SO amped up and sexed up compared to their UK counterparts. They were basically like brightly lit night clubs.

2 storey-high video screens? check

glitter balls? check

flying Matrix-pose mannequins? check

So those were the retail-based highlights, here’s a couple of other treats  for the eyes.  The first one is a sculpture but Liliana Porter at an exhibition called Otherworldly which is currently at the Museum of Arts and Design but finishes on Sept 18th so hurry down there if you can.

by Jennifer Trask, at the Flora & Fauna exhibiton, also at the MaD

A rather delightful painting by Max Ernst at the MoMA (possibly the inspiration for Gaga’s meat dress?)

Above: a couple of seriously on-trend pieces of neckwear in the Native American wing of the American Museum of Natural History. If you only glanced at the second photo, look carefully: at first I thought they were feathers but it’s actually a collar made from whole dead budgies. A PETA-favourite!

If you go to one store in NY, forget Barneys or Saks, make it Crumbs. Seriously worth abandoning my vegan diet for. (Sssh!)

Unfortunately when I went to the Met Museum, it was closed for the hurricane.  I went vintage shopping in Greenwich one morning and nothing was open til 12 (city that never sleeps my arse) so as I had other things to do, I returned on another day when… they were all closed for the hurricane. Disastrous. So finally here’s a photo of me in a desolate Times Sq.


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