Wake up and shake the glitter off your clothes

15 Sep

As a sequel to my recent post about my trip to NYC, here is my post about my trip to Las Vegas!

Bright lights, lots of booze and a desire to have fun runs through everything.  Different themed hotels make a walk down the the strip seem like a wander around Disneyland: a pirate ship, a volcano, with a bit of Venice, a bit of NY and a bit of Paris: it’s the ultimate PoMo city!! (PostModern dontcha know)

Above are a few shots of the hotel lobby. Casual fairground theme, why not?

Above: the hotel Paris, inside the Venetian hotel and a particularly Disney-esque shot from the Strip

I had not expected how big a deal luxury shopping would be in Vegas.  Within walking distance of my hotel I estimate there were around 8 Louis Vuitton shops. Not to mention an Hermes, Chanel and Bottega Veneta all conveniently within my hotel.  I guess that gambling money has to go somewhere! I’d love to see the fantasy of Vegas rub off on some of the luxury brands to create some sort of brand theme park? Who knows.

I can’t wait to return!


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