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‘cos my mamma taught me better than that

28 Jun

So this Idol dress hit New Look stores last week.

(I’m using a photo of a mannequin wearing it cos the¬†photo on the website¬†really doesn’t do it justice)

Instantly I though of J-Lo’s current video for that track with Lil Wayne where she’s dancing around near some sort of sandy Aztec jungle in something resembling this. But then, hang on, I remembered – the MOTHER of all dancing around in sandy Aztec jungle videos has got to be Survivor!

I would love to see someone rocking this look on a high street near me.


the demon i cling to…

2 Jun

Pretty sure this A/W 11 jacket from Idol at New Look comes in purple too.

Gunna need it when I’ve perfected the Judas dance routine. Which will be soon.