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Sets the Summer Sun on Fire

8 Mar

Who better to step out head-to-toe in Prada’s Pink Ladies ensemble than Katy Perry?!

See how she nonchalently throws that jacket over her shoulders? Sooo Rydell High.

In case you didn’t catch her vavavoom footwear, here’s a close up:

Photos from Heatworld.com and Look.co.uk, mad Photoshop Skillz all my own.

I already discussed my adoration for the Prada 50’s cadillac babe look in this post and in this post and I’m delighted to finally someone rocking the full look. I haven’t seen a back shot, but I can only hope that she had a very large hot rod appliqué emblazoned across the back of that jacket.

If that’s not enough Katy Perry love for you, Grazia has written an ode to her blue hair.

In searching for images for this post, I discovered this wonderful website called Clothes on Film on which you can read an entire article about the semiotics of Rizzo’s outfits in Grease. Which if you’re as much of a geek as me, will delight you.


Paris, je t’aime: the shops

7 Feb

Here are some of the awe-inspiring windows I saw in Paris when I visited last week. What are your favourites?

Miu Miu, by way of Marie Antoinette and the palace of Versailles

Moschino take us dancing at a a jazz club

Paule Ka either takes us on safari or on holiday to Palm Springs, I’m not entirely sureDelightful window at Repetto

Treats galore at legendary macaroon shop Laduree

 Givenchy: breathtaking.

A luxury florist: flowers seem to be very serious business in Paris

Hermes: what the Egyptian artifacts wing of the Louvre might look like if everything was dipped in gold

And finally my favourite window from Paris, and overal my favourite thing to look at right now: hot-rod chicks at Prada!

Oh my God. He just ordered a giant glass of milk.

12 Jan

I think this is my favourite fashion ad campaign EVER.

Prada scan