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In Transition

28 Sep

The leaves have started falling, the mornings are dark. I’m still gripping onto the last moments of summer with the senseless optimism of wearing sandals every day, but I know there will come a day within the next fortnight that the desire to wear a coat and a pair of boots will overrule. The shops are ready. Oxford Street is already a vision of cosiness and autumnal sophistication.


Coats have never been cooler.




A glimpse into the home of the Topman guy



Intergalactic cool



A good yarn…




Painted ladies





Breaking the Rules

21 Feb

Whether it’s chalky pastels or acid brights, the one rule on the high street now is: COLOUR


LUSH Covent Garden



H&M Regents Street

LIBERTY Noel Street

Going for Gold

24 Jul

With the Westfield Stratford shopping centre acting as a thoroughfare for anyone visiting the London Olympic park, most of the shops have got on board with the sporting theme, with some breath-taking results. Here’s my pick of the bunch.

Below: Forever 21


All following images: H&M





It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

28 Nov

Some of my fave festive window schemes from the high street this year:

Above: Zara Oxford St West puts on 3 different shows, from puppets to demonic horns to sparkly chic

Above: Zara Oxford Circus puts on a gothic & beautiful still-life piece of theatre, like a mysterious scene from Hansel & Gretal.

Above: John Lewis creates minimal elegance with a Scandinavian feel, even down to the detail of the pricing signs being framed in wood and nailed onto a tree.

Above: Topshop Oxford Circus goes for a simple White Christmas, with the real drama being in the styling.

Above: H&M also goes for a White Christmas. I’m hoping this scheme will develop over the coming weeks.

Above: Not especially festive but I just love Oasis on Argyll Street. The styling’s great, the mannequins are beautiful, the scheme is striking. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

Shop til the hurricane hits

4 Sep

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, because I’ve been in the U.S.A! So here are some of the visual highlights of my first NYC experience.

Windows at Bergdorf Goodman promoting a range of plates: who could have thought that would look as fantastic as it does?!

Windows at Bergdorf’s in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar to celebrate their new book. Sorry about the glare on the photos, I really like these windows.

These great zipper windows were, I THINK, at Henry Bendals, though I could be wrong. I spent most of my time walking around with a camera in each hand (one digital, one film) like a true tourist so I can’t remember where everything I snapped was!

I had to post these photos I took at H&M. Although the product and fixtures are no different from stores on this side of the Atlantic, the statement display of mannequins leading into the stores were SO amped up and sexed up compared to their UK counterparts. They were basically like brightly lit night clubs.

2 storey-high video screens? check

glitter balls? check

flying Matrix-pose mannequins? check

So those were the retail-based highlights, here’s a couple of other treats  for the eyes.  The first one is a sculpture but Liliana Porter at an exhibition called Otherworldly which is currently at the Museum of Arts and Design but finishes on Sept 18th so hurry down there if you can.

by Jennifer Trask, at the Flora & Fauna exhibiton, also at the MaD

A rather delightful painting by Max Ernst at the MoMA (possibly the inspiration for Gaga’s meat dress?)

Above: a couple of seriously on-trend pieces of neckwear in the Native American wing of the American Museum of Natural History. If you only glanced at the second photo, look carefully: at first I thought they were feathers but it’s actually a collar made from whole dead budgies. A PETA-favourite!

If you go to one store in NY, forget Barneys or Saks, make it Crumbs. Seriously worth abandoning my vegan diet for. (Sssh!)

Unfortunately when I went to the Met Museum, it was closed for the hurricane.  I went vintage shopping in Greenwich one morning and nothing was open til 12 (city that never sleeps my arse) so as I had other things to do, I returned on another day when… they were all closed for the hurricane. Disastrous. So finally here’s a photo of me in a desolate Times Sq.

Browsing Time: H&M

15 Jul

In the last year or so, H&M’s Visuals have got onto my radar, big time.

I imagine they have a limited budget for Display, but instead of either not bothering to put any creativity into presenting their stores or simply looking really cheap like some other retailers at a similar price-point *cough* New Look *cough*, they seem to have struck a balance between simplicity and creativity that I believe gives the stores a really sophisticated appeal.

I rarely shop at H&M, and being taken in the Oxford Street East store (the one that leads with Womenswear as opposed to the one on Oxford Circus that leads with ‘Young Trend’) last year on a Comp. Shop, I was thrilled by how fantastic the store looked.

Clean and minimal but with splashes of personality, I think this is a great interior.

Personally, I love the way the use of  abstract mannequins all with the same styled wig.  Although not a completely original idea (Mulberry did the same thing recently with ginger wigs) is striking and an easy way of freshening up the mood. Particularly love the Gaga-esque blunt blonde fringe.

The use of props is always carefully considered and interesting. So much white errs on being bare, but for a value brand I think a clean look gives the right message.

I’m looking forward to seeing what H&M does next!

We’re Just Young Rich and Tasteless

21 Jun

Much like anyone else with a remote interest in fashion, I’m visibly perspiring with excitement at the news that Versace will be producing a line in collaboration with H&M.  (The Cut) I doubt I’ll get the remotest opportunity to buy anything from this range – or even see it in R.L. – as everyone knows these things all turn a bit handbags-at-dawn, but it’s made me think about the ‘So-and So’ for H&M phenomenon, and also how much I love Versace!

The first designer H&M collabo I remember getting excited about was Viktor & Rolf in 2006.

Ad campaign for 'Viktor & Rold for H&M'

The collection was so up my street- all pink, ruffles, heart-shaped appliqués and the crowing glory – a wedding dress for about £200. My initial reaction on seeing the pieces in store was how disappointing the quality was.  I avoid H&M like the plague generally because of the poor quality and although the designs were absolutely adorable, that didn’t save the tatty hems and scratchy fabrics from being a total miss for me.  (Not going to lie though, I considered buying the wedding dress!) Since then I’ve never bothered with these collaborations.

Until this one!

Versace was the first fashion label I became fascinated with as a young girl. I don’t know if that’s simply because it was so colourful and fun or because of that scene in Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion where Michele tries to get a job at the Versace store on Rodeo Drive (failing, miserably.)

For my 18th Birthday, my mum got me a Donatella Versace clutch bag and OMG i think at the time it was the most exciting moment of my life.  At the time it was also an ample size but now I can barely fit my Blackberry in there!

(You know you’ve got a nice bag when it comes in another bag. That’s my motto.)

Only a few days ago I rekindled my Versace-love when I saw the new Lady Gaga video (read about it at Fashionista), and saw these babys.

So, hot on those heels, I’m excited for November 17th!