The Darling Buds of May

31 May

Even if you don’t fancy raising your glass to Queen of England on Tuesday, then you’ll surely be celebrating your 4 day weekend. With that in mind, the stores have got the bunting out in full force. Here’s a selection of windows that have grabbed my eye over the past couple of weeks.

 Jack Wills, ‘Fabulously British’

Rustic wooden floorboards teamed with elaborate foliage propping give these windows a classic stately home feel.


A bizarrely similar scheme to Jack Wills’, but with fresh, bold pops of colour and a boutique feel.

Ted Baker

A moving arcade game filled with classic ‘British’ items makes this Jubilee themed scheme stand out from the rest.


I don’t know what this store sells, but I loved their use of cardboard propping. So simple, but classy.

Dorothy Perkins

Simply had to include this bulldog imagery as it made me smile.


A scheme with its eye on trend and product rather than all-out kitsch, this window is more girlie tea party than Jubilee but resembles exactly how I intend to spend my weekend: surrounded by bunting and cake!

Enjoy the Jubilee!



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