Abstract grandeur at Selfridges

14 Mar

New window scheme at Selfridges (photos taken last Sunday 11th March), following the ‘Bright Young Things’ scheme promoting new and up-and-coming brands, here we have a window for the international Womens’ luxury brands.

The minimal colour palette is juxtaposed with a variety of textured props: paper, linen, stone, pebbles, sheet metal to name a few.  Unusual poses of mannequin make for some striking compositions within the window that cannot fail to stir the imagination. It’s a very moody display for this Spring transitional period, though. It’s as if Selfridges are subliminally trying to tell us all to start building our autumn wardrobes now!

Above: paintings by Georgio do Cherico (left) and Paul Delvaux (right) – for some reason the Selfridges windows reminded me of these Surrealist paintings… Wonder what the inspiration really was?


One Response to “Abstract grandeur at Selfridges”

  1. Theadora Brack March 15, 2012 at 3:20 am #

    AH! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the gorgeous black platform shoes !! So 90s !! Pitter-patter goes my heart. Fun, newsy post ! Theadora

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