Is Fashion Eating Itself?

6 Mar

Last week an article by Jess Cartner-Morley appeared in the Guardian (read it online here) which really summed up the way I feel about the pace of fashion and the negative effects of new media on how we consume trends.  She says

“Fashion is in danger of cannibalising itself, throwing out trends before we have had a chance to buy them.”

She raises a point that I have been feeling myself for some time. As an avid follower of fashion, I am as excited as the next girl to learn what the designers are sending down the catwalks for next season. My first response when I see these new trends is scepticism: I often can’t imagine myself feeling enthusiastic about wearing what is presented, 6 months ahead of the season they have been designed for. However, as the weather changes and pop culture rolls on, by the time these trends are presented in the shops (and are re-interpreted by the high-street) I’m keen to explore them.

For this reason I try to avoid looking at the Fashion Week reports in too much detail until later, however this is becoming increasing difficult. With the blogging revolution, and the increase of free press (Stylist magazine, Evening Standard) it is impossible to avoid the immediate coverage of next season’s catwalk shows as they happen.  Next season will then be written about and dissected and slotted into your imaginary warderobe before THIS season has even taken place.

Left: Topshop’s newest trend hits stores this week  Centre: Scan from last week’s Grazia pinpointing the newest trends from LFW  Right: New Look’s newest trend drops on its website last week

The Pastel trend has only just hit the high street in the last month, but how many times have you read about Pastels being ‘Big for Spring’ or ‘How to wear Pastels’ since they hit the catwalk? Even as someone who only reads a few fashion magazines, with 2 free newspapers everyday plus one I buy, and Fashion being covered to an increasing extent in them, I’ve read about the same trend countless times – to the point where I’m almost sick of hearing about it – before it’s even hit the shops. So now all these lovely pastel shades are hitting the high street, but can anyone really say they feel new or fresh when we first were told they would be hot back in September of last year?

So my question is: does anyone want to spend their cash on a trend, when we’re all thinking and talking about what’s coming next? Is Fashion in danger of out-pacing itself to such an extent that customers are over trends before they’ve even hit the shops?


One Response to “Is Fashion Eating Itself?”

  1. ( 'v') June 7, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    But is there any solution? When the collection arrives at shops I already know everything about that style, so I try to wear next’s season (wearing wide scarfs in august! :D). It’s pointless, but I don’t know where is the solution. We always want to have the latest, but when it comes to everyone, we are looking for the next. So… 😀

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