Window Shopping

4 Mar

I’ve had to do some seriously boring competitive shops this week, and had to spend a lot of time looking at windows that are not effective and do nothing for their brand. However, my mother always taught me to not to say anything if I have nothing nice to say! So here’s a quick picture post of displays that I love and that are inspiring me right now.

Last week, a couple of the ‘Bright Young Things’ windows at Selfridges, showcasing emerging creative talent, caught my eye. Struggled to get a good photo of this one, but the crafty, textured feel of this window really drew me in. Plus the headpiece reminds me of something I attempted (and failed) to make for a costume once.

Above: Another two windows at Selfridges.  The bottom one showcases up-and-coming fashion designer Maarten van der Horst, whose loud prints and ruffled bust detailing is very fun.  The window itself makes me wonder if this it what it would look like if Hans Bellmer had been a bit chirpier.

Saw these flower-covered mannequin plinths at Topshop Westfield Stratford this week. Not the most original thing ever but still damned effective.

Apologies for another sketchy photo, but I saw this display in the window of River Island Bluewater last week and thought it was fab. It’s not particularly clear in this image, but the accessories displayed on the rungs of the ladder are arranged like a rainbow, graduating down from acid yellow down to turquoise then through hot oranges and pinks. It’s not always easy to display a large quantity of accessories in a window with mannequins in a way that looks natural, but River Island seem to be brimming with ideas for solutions on this.

Fred Perry at Bluewater brings us its new Amy Winehouse collection. Thoughts about the range itself aside (I have read some negative press accusing Fred Perry of releasing this line in bad taste) I think this window is adorable.  Even though this small window is essentially comprised of just graphics and decals, the wonderful cartoon images would get anyone in the mood to go jiving at Rydell High. I bet Amy would have loved it.

In other news, I have just been offered a new job. Don’t want to reveal too much but it’s with a fab fashion retailer doing what I love – dressing windows – so I couldn’t be happier, and can’t wait to something new and exciting!


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