Fresh ‘n’ New

4 Jan

Rather than writing a boring post about what my resolutions are for the New Year, here’s my check-list of things I must see and do in 2012.

1. Postmodernism at the V & A

I’d like to think my weekly ‘Contextual Studies’ lecture at art school impressed an understanding of what the phrase ‘Post Modern’ means, but I’m not sure I’ll ever truly grasp the concept.  But it’s always a great adjective to through out there. (eg. “Wow, that’s sooo Po-Mo”). It also looks like an interesting and diverse exhibition.

2. See some live comedy

Simon Amstell possibly? Or just going to a comedy club every now and again.

3. See Rock of Ages

A legitimate excuse to sing along to The Final Countdown.

4. Go to Sonisphere or Download. Or both.

5. Read the newest novels by Chuck Palahniuk ,Jeffrey Eugenides and Bret Easton Ellis.

6. Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery

Because I spent most of my time in Art class at school trying to copy da Vinci’s work.

7. Listen to different music

In particular stop buying CDs I don’t really want just because they’re on the 2 for £10 deal in HMV and instead just buy the ones I am looking for,

8. Get a Prince Charles Cinema membership and see a film there at least once a month

Starting with the Wayne’s World Schwing-A-Long, Grease Sing-A-Long, and possibly a silent film.

9. See One Man, Two Guv’nors

Although I think I’ve already missed James Corden’s run. Dang.

10. Go speed dating

Who knows what could happen?

Happy New Year to anyone who reads my blog, have a great 2012 x


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