The Girl with the Most Cake

25 Sep

My adoration  of Meadham Kirchhoff is growing everyday. Or at least it would be if I was able to afford their beautiful clothes. (Unless you count a couple of bits from their wonderful lines for Topshop.) So I love them from afar, being inspired by their bonkers layered outfits season after season.

I think every girl who went through that certain ‘phase’ during her teenage years can look at their clothes with a warm nostalgia that harks back to wearing nightdresses bought from Camden Market and not knowing how many barettes in your hair is too many.  It seems like the Meadham Kirchhoff boys enjoy putting on a bit of a spectacle, with recent show sets including pink trees, a ‘riot grrl’ shrine and a canopy of pastel-coloured balloons. Watching their S/S11 show on Grazia’s YouTube channel gave me a tingle of excitement, it felt like someone had brought my angsty GCSE Art project (that involved photocopying the lyrics pages of Pretty on the Inside into my sketchbook and culminated in a portrait of Courtney Love done in crayon) to life!

Here are a few of my favourite M.K. looks from the last few years. Until the time comes that I can own a few of their pieces myself, I hope they will continue to produce lines for Topshop, though there hasn’t been news of one lately… </3


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