Browsing Time: H&M

15 Jul

In the last year or so, H&M’s Visuals have got onto my radar, big time.

I imagine they have a limited budget for Display, but instead of either not bothering to put any creativity into presenting their stores or simply looking really cheap like some other retailers at a similar price-point *cough* New Look *cough*, they seem to have struck a balance between simplicity and creativity that I believe gives the stores a really sophisticated appeal.

I rarely shop at H&M, and being taken in the Oxford Street East store (the one that leads with Womenswear as opposed to the one on Oxford Circus that leads with ‘Young Trend’) last year on a Comp. Shop, I was thrilled by how fantastic the store looked.

Clean and minimal but with splashes of personality, I think this is a great interior.

Personally, I love the way the use of  abstract mannequins all with the same styled wig.  Although not a completely original idea (Mulberry did the same thing recently with ginger wigs) is striking and an easy way of freshening up the mood. Particularly love the Gaga-esque blunt blonde fringe.

The use of props is always carefully considered and interesting. So much white errs on being bare, but for a value brand I think a clean look gives the right message.

I’m looking forward to seeing what H&M does next!


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