We’re Just Young Rich and Tasteless

21 Jun

Much like anyone else with a remote interest in fashion, I’m visibly perspiring with excitement at the news that Versace will be producing a line in collaboration with H&M.  (The Cut) I doubt I’ll get the remotest opportunity to buy anything from this range – or even see it in R.L. – as everyone knows these things all turn a bit handbags-at-dawn, but it’s made me think about the ‘So-and So’ for H&M phenomenon, and also how much I love Versace!

The first designer H&M collabo I remember getting excited about was Viktor & Rolf in 2006.

Ad campaign for 'Viktor & Rold for H&M'

The collection was so up my street- all pink, ruffles, heart-shaped appliqués and the crowing glory – a wedding dress for about £200. My initial reaction on seeing the pieces in store was how disappointing the quality was.  I avoid H&M like the plague generally because of the poor quality and although the designs were absolutely adorable, that didn’t save the tatty hems and scratchy fabrics from being a total miss for me.  (Not going to lie though, I considered buying the wedding dress!) Since then I’ve never bothered with these collaborations.

Until this one!

Versace was the first fashion label I became fascinated with as a young girl. I don’t know if that’s simply because it was so colourful and fun or because of that scene in Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion where Michele tries to get a job at the Versace store on Rodeo Drive (failing, miserably.)

For my 18th Birthday, my mum got me a Donatella Versace clutch bag and OMG i think at the time it was the most exciting moment of my life.  At the time it was also an ample size but now I can barely fit my Blackberry in there!

(You know you’ve got a nice bag when it comes in another bag. That’s my motto.)

Only a few days ago I rekindled my Versace-love when I saw the new Lady Gaga video (read about it at Fashionista), and saw these babys.

So, hot on those heels, I’m excited for November 17th!


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